Explore the history of Alcudia on a holiday in Mallorca

Explore the history of Alcudia on a holiday in Mallorca

If you want to try some real Spain when you are on a Mallorca vacation, Alcudia can be the perfect place to visit. In addition to sun, sea and sand, the city is full of history and culture, meaning you can get the best of both worlds.

While many people travel to Mallorca to enjoy the sun and enjoy the party atmosphere, this is not the whole island has to offer. The northern city of Alcudia in particular is an excellent cultural place to visit, with Roman monuments and narrow streets in a walled city.

After booking your farmhouse in Mallorca you can start exploring the various parts of the area. The coast is a section and is especially popular with families because of the impressive beach. One of the longest on the island stretches the sandy stretch seven miles, so you are sure to find a place to relax.

The beach begins in the resort of Can Picafort and stretches to Alcudia Port, which forms another part of the city. The third part is the old town, and here you will find historical sites.

When you book your house in Mallorca, you can take into account where they live. If you like to visit the beach and paddle in the ocean, make sure you find somewhere near the coast. But if you like to be away from life and movement, you can choose somewhere closer to the old city - especially if you have a penchant for the story.

The old part of the city can be reached via two gates, one of which was built after the island was defeated by King Jaime I in Spain, along with the wall surrounding the old town and dates back to the 1400s. The city itself was established by Phoenicians and settled by the Greeks. It is one of the oldest in Mallorca, which goes as far back as the second century BC.

Inside the city you will find the entrance to the Roman settlement of Pollentia, built in 70 BC. You will be able to see the outlines of several buildings on the ground and some of the columns still stand. Also in the area is a small Roman theater, supposed to be the smallest amphitheater in Spain.

If you long to find out more about the area and find the best places to visit of historical significance, why not choose a guided walk? Tours are held every Wednesday at noon and give you a lot of insight in the region's history.

When exploring Alcudia, it is one of the best roads around the region by bike. Of course you may prefer walking around the city, but cycling opens the wider area and also eliminates the need for public transport, which may be crowded due to the major tourist numbers.

Once you have exhausted the old town, go back to the coastal resort and continue along the beach to the north end. Here you will reach the region's port, inhabited by an old fishing village. Enjoy some freshly caught seafood in one of the restaurants located on the seafront or maybe take a boat trip on the water to get the most out of the scenery. If you have time to save, you can even choose to take the ferry to Ciutadella on the west side of Menorca for a day out.

Back in Alcudia, you will find an authentic Spanish market just giving the cultural experience you may have been looking for on your Majorca vacation. A sunday market takes place at Porta del Moll, so watch out for souvenirs to bring home and fresh fruit and vegetables that you can use to cook traditional Spanish food in your country house in Mallorca.

You can also find some good leather goods from Inca on the market, or go to the region as part of your vacation in the area. The city is famous for producing great leather goods but also for its wine cellar so you can decide to pick up a bottle while you're there. Another market is held on Tuesday if you do not have the option Sunday.

When you return to Alcudia, you can decide to meet the beach, so raise your sun lounger and dig in a good book for a relaxing hour. Or if you feel active, you will find a number of water sports to try on the largest beach in the area.

If its seclusion you are after, there are other less crowded beaches in the region, such as the nearby Platja de San Pere. This sheltered spot is perfect for views of the Formentor Peninsula and for some peace and quiet.

Whatever you want from your vacation to Majorca, you are sure to find a good mix of culture, fun and history in Alcudia.

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